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Go Solar

Ask us for lifetime of clean uninterrupted power, customised to suit your needs.


Energy is at the center of every business in the world and that is why power generation for domestic and commercial use within any business is key to development.

The infrastructural backlog in West Africa calls on all stakeholders, private and civic movements to partner with government to address major infrastructure shortages, particularly in the historically disadvantaged communities. And, through Expanded Public Works Programs, governments are aimed at mainstreaming emerging entrepreneurs into the renewable energy development arena.

A major achievement in this regard has been the promotion of small and medium enterprises in the solar energy sector as a critical link in the value chain that not only ensures delivery of alternative source of energy but also creates short and long-term employment opportunities for communities where they operate. To meet this need in a meaningful way requires advanced and innovative solutions, and this is the context within which emerging companies such as Lumentech Company limited are engaging with the industry.

Company Background

Lumentech is a limited liability company with technical partnership with Lumentech (Pty) Ltd from South Africa. We specialize in the Production, Training, Assembling, Servicing and Maintenance of solar powered equipment. The main focus of Lumentech rests on:

  • The eradication of energy crisis from the western coast of Africa and the promotion of an alternative clean, environmentally friendly and affordable energy solution.
  • Work hand-in-hand with the Government deliver alternative energy solutions to remote rural communities.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide integrated, tailor-made energy solutions to the business market, from small entrepreneurs to large corporate.


Who We Are? Meet Our Awesome Team. Information About Us.


Edwin Owusu–Akyaw, Technical Director

Edwin was born in Accra and attended Ghana National College in the Cape Coast. He qualified as an Industrial Engineer at UNISA in South Africa. He continued to work in South Africa with Lumentech (Pty) Limited where he was trained as a Solar systems Engineer.  He subsequently returned to do a feasibility study in West Africa and established Lumentech Limited realizing the need for an alternative power solution in Ghana.


Thomas Boa-Amponsem, Business Development

Thomas was born in the UK . Thomas qualified himself in Management and Information Systems, Cisco Networking, Project Management and Renewable Energy Development with over 15 years working experience . Thomas moved to Ghana where he has established himself as an entrepreneur and together with Edwin set up Lumentech Energy Solution.


Brenda Mkhalane, General Manager

Brenda is the General manager for lumentech energy solutions and has 10 years of working experience from Canvassing Customer Service, Data Capture and Service Consultant to general manager. Brenda shares in the company's vision for the need of solar power in the western coast of Africa. She is a partner of Lumentech Energy Solutions and holds the position of a general manager.